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Gina Czarnecki's art is about human form and function, developments in biotechnology, the intertwining histories of medicine, myth, history and ethics. Her work is a rich and deep tapestry of complex interwoven meaning  combining the biological how we feel the world with far more personal and sensual observation of how we touch and express ourselves in it. Her work often combines cutting-edge developmental imaging technologies with traditional processes and methods to raise questions about the potential, the use and potential abuse of new knowledge. 

Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in traditional gallery settings and as large scale public exhibition in festivals and permanent public works. She has won numerous awards and her work is part of National and private collections.

Selected Exhibitions



Virtual Neighbour. Group Exhbition. 17-19 September 2021.  Living Object Exhibition 11 East Arbour Street, London E1 0PU and online 

Heirloom in Esbjerg Kunstmuseum “Wunderkammer I-III”. from April 2021, 1 year exhibition.


'Pole' Commission for permanent art work for STOA169.            

Contagion. Laznia, Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland.Beyond Borders. 18/1/20-18/2/20 Group Show.

Heirloom Art + Genomics exhibition at the University of California Santa Cruz. 11/12/2020-


‘Who We Are Now’. Koffins launch as part of DaDaFest International The Oratory, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. UK                   

Heirloom. Groups show. Rijesmuseum Amsterdam 02-08 2018


‘I’ Lumia Light Festival Cascais Portugal

‘I TOO’ A Night for the Salon del Prado" - Prada Museum, Madrid City celebrations

Heirloom. Group Exhibition “FACE”, Museum Silkeborg, Hovedgårdsvej, Denmark   7, 6th of May – 22nd of Oct. 2017                   

 ‘Heirloom’ Taiwan Centre For Contemporary Art, as part of group exhibit.  ‘No Such Thing as Gravity’ 04/2017-07/2017

Heirloom. Birmingham Open Media 02-05 2017

Heirloom  ‘Heirloom’ National Fine Art Museum of Taiwan,

as part of group exhibition  ‘No Such Thing as Gravity’ 04/2017-07/2017

Heirloom  The Waag Society, Amsterdam, dates TB



Heirloom and MyPods by The Lastwish Company Ltd in No Such Thing as Gravity. Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, (FACT)  10/10/2016-06/02/2017 Liverpool

Heirloom. Trust me I’m an Artist. Medical Museion, Copenhagen

Art and Ethics Advisory Board as part of ‘Trust me I’m an Artist’ Medical Museion Copenhagen

Art and Ethics Advisory Panel. Dundee University Sci-art centre. Dundee University, UK

Nascent and Infected in CYNETART, Dresden, Germany 10-14 November 

Nascent and Infected in So Many Steps, So Little Time, Bruges Cultural Centre, May 2016



Cellmass. Open Media Art Festival, Singapore
Palaces. Group Show ‘Material Concerns’, Life-Space, University of Dundee Gallery, UK

Nascent. KCET dance-for-camera series. USA
Nascent. Sexpectations. International Festival of Dance and Performance.Dance House Lemesos Dancehouse, Cyprus
MyPods. SCIN Gallery, Clerkenwell Design Week, London, UK                   



Canope. FatLaB’ <> Science Gallery, Dublin, UK

Palaces. Alt-W, Scottish Society of Art Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Nascent. Samsung Museum, University of Sth Australia


I. New commission for Artichoke, Lumiere Festival, Durham
Nascent. ‘Transitions’ Attakkalari India Biennial, India

Cellmass Arte y Óptica Museo de Arte de Lima, Peru
Wasted. Solo Show Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, UK
Wasted. Solo Show Herbert Art Gallert and Museum Coventry, UK


Palaces. Solo Show The Centre of the Cell, UK
Nascent. Ausdance SA & Country Arts SA dance screen works Signal Point gallery, Goolwa, Australia

Liverpool Biennale. Café Valerie, Metal, UK

Spintex. Moving Pictures – online exhibition 

Palaces. Who Am I Gallery, The Science Museum, London, UK

Wasted Works. Solo show. Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, UK

Quarantine and Cellmass. Group Exhibition ‘Eight Days a Week’

Showing Works: Wasted. Contagion, Quarantine, Cellmass, Spintex, Stages Elements Humans, Pixiedust, Precious, and Spine stills x6. Live Performance of Quarantine with Chris Watson. Humancraft. Publication/catalogue.

The Art and Ethics Advisory Panel: The Wasted Debates 

Roundtable event to establish an advisory panel for art working with bio-sciences



Pixie Dust and Nascent. Detroit institute of Arts, USA
Rotters and Endangered Trades. ‘Knowledge Lives Everywhere’, FACT, UK

Osmosis. Chalkwell Hall Southend on Sea, UK


Infected, Cell Mass N2 and Nascent, Sundance Film Festival, USA

Pixie Dust in ‘Alter Nature – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ <> CIAP Contemporary Art, Belgium
The Garston Works. Commission from Sir Alfred Jones Memorial Hospital, South Liverpool, UK

Liverpool Art Prize shortlisted artists exhibition, Metal, UK



Pixie Dust. Vancouver Olympics Winter Games, Canada
Pixie Dust. Commissioned by DadaFest for BBC Big screens. 22 cities daily across the UK
Spine. Perth International Festival of Art, Australia

Infected. Group exhibition. Invisible Dog, New York
Precious. The Biomedical Research Centre, Liverpool Royal Hospital, UK
Spintex. shortlisted for competition program at the 5th 25 FPS Festival. Zagreb, Croatia

Nascent, Infected and Spintex. Solo Screening, eARTS Festival, Shanghai



Contagion. Brisbane International Festival, Australia
Infected. Group exhibition. Invisible Dog, New York
Cellmass N2. Group Exhibition. Direct Digital, Carpi, Italy

Spintex, Infected and Nascent. Solo screening. Tyneside Cinema, UK

Contagion (premiere). The Block Brisbane, Brisbane International Art Festival, Australia
Cellmass N2. ‘Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours’, Bluecoat. Liverpool, UK

Nascent, Infected and Spintex. Forma curated group screening. Romaeuropa, Italy
Nascent. Danza in Fiera, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy
Nascent. ‘MONTAGE’ Festival. Dance Umbrella. Johannesburg, South Africa



Devolution. Sydney Opera House, Australia

Devolution. Place De La Ville, Paris, France
Nascent. Tiburon International Film Festival Tiburon, California, USA

Devolution. Dance production with Australian Dance Theatre and Louis Phillippe Demerr

Devolution. Best New Australian Work at the Helpman Awards, Australian Dance Awards

Devolution. Outstanding Performance by a Company, Ruby Awards- Innovation Australian Cinematographer's Society SA Branch Award

Commercials - Gold Australian Cinematographer's Society SA Branch Corporate Productions


Nascent. ReelDance Awards - Best Australian/NewZealand Dance film                  
Spine. AV Fest 06. 20m high projection, Civic Centre in Newcastle, UK on ITV Live 02/03-12/03/06

Spine. Laneways Public Art Projects, Melbourne City, Australia
Devolution - premiere. Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide Film Festival, Her Majesty’s Theatre Adelaide, Australia
Nascent. Cinedanse Dance Film Festival <> Amsterdam, NL
Nascent. Skin Shakers. Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, London       

Dance for the Camera Film & Video Festival. Duke University Durham, USA Nascent & Infected Biotech. Eyebeam <> New York, New York, USA

Nascent. 10th Ultima Film Festival - Dans for Kamera Cinemateket, Norwegian Film Institute, Oslo

Nascent. Tempo Festival <> Auckland's Festival of Dance

Nascent. Artrage Festival Cinema Paradiso <> Perth, Australia

Nascent. International Video-Dance Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Nascent. Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), Mumbai
Nascent. Dance on Camera Festival, Walter Reade Theatre New York, USA

Nascent. International Dance / Camera Festival University of Utah, USA

Nascent. 'Ice Breaker: DANCE MOViES 3' | EMPAC, New York, USA

Nascent. Award Finalist. ReelDance 06 International Dance on Screen Festival Sydney Opera House, Australia

Nascent. Reeldance on Tour included: Tanks Art Centre, Cairns, AU, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane, AU Australian

Choreographic Centre, Canberra, AU. Northern Rivers Performing Arts, Lismore, AU

Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania, AU

Artshouse, Melbourne, AU, Mercury & Iris Cinemas, SA, AU

Nascent. International Dance Shorts, Brighton Festival, UK

Nascent. Warp Moves, Brighton Festival, Brighton, UK
Nascent. Vdance - International Video Dance Festival, Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, Tel Aviv IL & Goethe Institut, Ramallah
Nascent. Roger William University Bristol, Rhode Island
Nascent. Danza Inmediata Festival at DiD Studio, Milan
Nascent and Infected. Kinodance, Russia
Nascent. Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires Centro Cultural General San Martín, Buenos Aires



Nascent. d.a.m.p.f '05 International Dance & Performance Art, Köln

Nascent. VideoDance2005, 6th International Festival on Movement and the Moving Image, Athens

Nascent . SHOOT Dance for Screen Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Nascent. 1st International Dance Film Festival, Budapest

Nascent. Moving Pictures Festival, National Film Board Cinema, Toronto
Nascent. Dance Film Day, English Heritage Lecture Theatre, London

Nascent. Kino Tanca, Lodz, Poland
Infected. As part of ‘New Media Art in Australia" curated by Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia, Museums Quartier, ’d·a·m·p·f 05’, Wein, Cologne

Infected. Transfigure on TourThe Block gallery, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane, Australia

Contagion phase 1 exposition State Library of Victoria , Melbourne, Australia

Solo Show. Including Stages Elements Humans, Infected and Nascent and Silvers Alter. Moving Image Centre, (MIC) Auckland, New Zealand

Nascent (world premiere), Adelaide Film Festival, Australia



Infected installation as part of the capture installations on Tour exhibition, Warsaw Art Gallery, UK
Infected. Transfigure ACMI. Melbourne, Australia
Infected. Art of the Biotech Era, Experimental Art Foundation (EAF) Adelaide, Australia                         

Silvers Alter. Bodies Stills Gallery Co-exhibitors: Christine Borland, Jacqueline Donachie, Gair Dunlop Catalogue <> Edinburgh.


Versifier: Stages, Elements Humans. ACMI, ‘Remembrance and the Moving Image' Melbourne, Australia
Infected. British Council International Touring Dance Program, The Place's, London

Silvers Alter. Co-exhibitors (2) Niel White and Critical Art Ensemble. Natural History Museum, London
Infected. Freefall. Peterborough Art Gallery, UK

Silvers Alter. D-Motion. Interactive Media Festival, Halle, Germany



Recombinant – Silvers Alter at 3rd International Film Festival of Thessaloniki, Greece

Launch of Recombinant website <>

Recombinant. Alt-W group show. Dundee Contemporary Arts, Visual Research Centre, Dundee, UK

Silvers Alter. Clean Rooms. Gallery, Oldham, UK



Infected. Tour of UK, US, Canada and produced by David Metcalfe Associates. Collaboration with Iona Kewney and Christian Fennes.

Venues including:      

            Dukes Cinema, Lancaster

            The Junction, Cambridge, Swindon Dance

            The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

            Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

            Broadway, Nottingham

            The Arnolfini Bristol

            The Cramporne Theatre, Chelmsford

            Colchester Arts Centre

            Pavilion Theatre, Brighton

International venues include:

            Monaco Dance Forum & International

            Thessaloniki Film Festival

Infected and Arteries. Solo Exhibition. Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee

Infected. Premiere of Installation. Microwave International Media Art Festival, Hong Kong

Silvers Alter. Arts Council of England / Arts Catalyst



Arteries. Swipe, Dorset, UK
Borderlines - 9 minute video, Kiev



Versifier, Stages, Elements, Humans. Solo Show. Arthouse, Dublin

Versifier, Stages, Elements, Humans. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Versifier, Stages, Elements, Humans. Commissioned by Year of Photography and Electronic Image. Ferens Gallery, Hull, UK



Versifier, Stages, Elements, Humans. Coorporeal, Tullie House, Carlisle, UK

Versifier, Stages, Elements, Humans. International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA), Liverpool, UK
Versifier, Stages, Elements, Humans. Australian Centre For the Moving Image, Australia



Homo-cyte. Collaboration with George Saxon. Distributed by LEA. 1000min.

Exhibitions include:   

            Melbourne Institure of Media Arts LUX, London, UK

            Body Electric, Image Forum Festival, Nagoya, Osaka, Japan

            Brighton Cinematheque, Experimenta Media, Brighton, UK

            Arts Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

            Station Arts Electronique, Rennes, France

            Direct Image,Video Lisboa, Lisbon

Festivals include:       



            Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

            London Film Festival



Groove. Disruptive Element Productions, ‘Groove on a Stanley Knife’ Broadcast C4



Spaces Unseen, AV Installation. The Arches, Sheffield, UK


Tattoo. 6 min film. Distributed by London Video Access.

Exhibitions include:

            International Short Film Fest Montreal, Canada

            London Film Makers Co-op, UK

            The Body Remembered, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK

            WRO Sound basis visual Art Fest Wroclaw, Poland            

            The Sheffield Media Show

            Video Positive, Liverpool, UK

            British Animation Week

            Feminale, Cologne

            The Manipulated Image, London Film Festival

            Pullit Art Show, London

            Best of Festival package from Feminale, Cologne

            Shortlisted for the Dick award



Moral Judge. 16mm 5 min animation. ACGB Award. Distributed by London Film-Makers Co-op.

Exhibition includes:   

            Hamburg, Avant Garde Shaffy Studios

            A.V. Fest, Amsterdam

            Euro Aim, Mipcom, Cannes

            London Film-Makers Co-op, UK

            Cinema Feminale Cologne

            Creteil Festival France

            Oberhausen Film Fest, Germany

            I.C.A. London, Chapter Film & Animation Festival

            Southampton Film Fest

            Millenium New York

            Hayes Buffalo

Parade. 16mm 4.5 min animation. Distributed by London Film-Makers Co- op

Exhibitions include:   

            Millenium New York

            Hayles Buffalo

            Shaffy Studios

            A.V. Festival

            Hamburg Short Film Fest

            Chapter Film and Animation

Façade. 16mm 4.5 min animation. Distributed by London Film-Makers Co-op

Exhibitions include:   

            Millenium, New York

            Shaffy Studios

            A.V. Festival

            Institute of Contemporary Arts London

            Hamburg Short Film Fest




Spintex. FPS Festival - Nomination. Zagreb, Croatia



Nascent. ReelDance Awards - Best Australian/New Zealand Dance Film



Nascent. Australian Dance Awards Best Dance Film

Nascent. Winner of the Delegates Award IMZ Dance Screen, Brighton, UK


Fleck Fellowship Award. Banff New Media Institute, Canada


Helpman Awards - Best New Australian Work

Australian Dance Awards - Outstanding Performance by a Company

Ruby Awards - Innovation / Australian Cinematographer’s Society

SA Branch Award Commercials Retail

Gold - Australian Cinematographer's Society SA Branch                            

Devolution - Corporate Productions – Gold



Infected. South East Dance Agency Audience Award


Creative Scotland Award, Scottish Arts Council

Infected. International Thessaloniki Film Festival. Selected Best of Video Dance


Tattoo. Shortlisted – The Dick Award




Digital Media Lab Residency, Octopus collective, Barrow-n Furness, UK



HDR Lab University West of England Centre for Moving Image Research, part of Encounters Festival    


Production Residency for work towards the Metal exhibition of ‘Still’ Full Scale testing for Trophies of Empire, UK



Artist in Residence - Liverpool school of Tropical Medicine, UK


Artist in Residence, State Library of Victoria Experimedia, Australia


Fleck Fellowship Award - Banff New Media Institute, Banff Centre, Canada



Artist in Residence - Creativity and Cognition Studios, COSTART, Loughborough University, UK


Artist in Residence - PVA Media Lab, Dorset, UK

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