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Nascent vr + kinicho and p.jeck


INascentVR is a collaboration between myself, Philip Jeck and Kinicho.


The aim is to build a truly immersive VR experience of my work ‘Nascent’ with a new composition by Philip Jeck created specifically for Kinicho’s Sympan volumetric 3D audio engine.  


This combination of sonic art, dance film and mixed media will be staged in a virtual gallery with multiple screens showing different sequences simultaneously. The highly focused and deeply immersive localised sound responds to user movement. 

This project aims to be exhibited at a public test event fNovember 2020 with the hope for a longer-term project which will then enable other artists and audiences’ access to this entirely new way to experience and participate in art.


NascentVR 01.jpg
Nascent VR_04_edited.jpg
Sympan beta testing

Kinicho had a vision of a new 3D audio engine that would democratise Spatial Audio creation and revolutionise its distribution. An audio engine that intelligently handles acoustic physics to create natural sonic spaces. Its fine spatial resolution means a listener can easily locate stationary and moving sounds, accurately judging direction, distance and velocity in VR. The technology mimics the way we listen in nature and Kinicho have now successfully optimised the simulation of sonic reality to match the speed of human perception.


They approached me and Philip Jeck to collaborate with them to test this system to the extreme by creating or provide content. Phil and I are interested in developing the potential for new environments and provide audiences with a more immersive and transcendental experience of our work. Within the Sympan environment, we can see to extending not only the language of our art but also the possibilities of access engagement and experience. This new collaboration with will provide us with feedback to refine the experience and interface of unforeseen future applications and audiences that may emerge.


The resulting artwork will become the demo for the Sympan system to encourage other collaborations and applications. This  is the first stage of our collaboration. We are aiming at working on a long term project with changing collaborators through labs, commissions and international partnership exploring Advanced 3D Audio for Immersive Culture. Central to the project is audience development. To further expand the audience experience the project will explore the emerging field of Social/Performance Design to deepen or broaden the nature of an artistic performance.

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