THE KOFFIN COMPANY LTD & who we are now

KOFFIN was inspired by having to arrange my dads funeral over 20 years ago,  and since talking with people who felt exploited. No one wants to haggle about the price of a funeral and that's why the death industry can charge so much. This victorian and toxic industry is worth billions... an industry dealing with the most difficult waste of all.



Koffins have been designed to be the most practical, environmentally beneficial,

affordable and customisable.

 They are also the lightest, are leak-proof, stackable and suitable for cremations of burials. 

They have been fully tested and are endorsed by Springwood Crematoria Liverpool.



KOFFINS' were designed to help people in their

grief and stop dying costing the earth...

good for the planet, good for your pocket and your soul.

20 of these KOFFINS were decorated with peoples ideas and designs through a public call out.

They were  exhibited in the Oratory, Liverpool as part of DaDaFest  International 2018.




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