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A documentary about a local community composting group in Garston. 


This documentary film explores how knowledge is passed between generations – as recipes or life lessons – as well as the day-to-day operations of the Rotters. This waste collection group stores food waste from the local area, turning it into compost to use in their allotment projects with old people and children.


The film was created as part of a much bigger exhibition of works exploring ideas, communication and community, displayed at FACT. This was one of three documentaries about the local area to show in the new South Liverpool Hospital. 


Over a period of two years, I have created a series of works for the hospital, including: a medicine garden of both private and communal areas; a screening space; a lightbox installation, and a strange but beautiful insect-plant hybrid sculpture, pointing to its origins as the birthplace of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Collaborators & Contributors

The ‘Knowledge Lives Everywhere‘ exhibition also features work by Neil Winterburn, HIVE Collective, Aberrant Architecture, and Nerve Magazine.


Filmed and edited by Gina Czarnecki and Sam Meech

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