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Silvers Alter

Silvers Alter - Gina Czarnecki

Silvers Alter is an interactive installation that takes the form of a large-scale projection within which human forms ‘live’.


As visitors move within the space, the figures represented in the work are changed. The audience shapes the flow of random mutation, directing the evolutionary course of these generative figures in a real-time experience. This physical interaction encourages social, physical and verbal interaction between viewers.

Exploring the development of consciousness and science, gives the audience the power to create, eliminate and immortalise their created offspring in data image banks and DNA profiles. Generations are displayed in a growing archive of screen-grab prints pinned around the space – a record of the changing population over time. 

This work raises questions about what extent we are prepared to participate in what we have made possible and, by implication, all that we aspire to make possible for ourselves. Decisions, and their effects generations later, can be viewed as evolution in fast-forward.


Collaborators & Contributors

Producers: The Arts Catalyst London

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