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Spine - Gina Czarnecki

Spine presents a visual and visceral journey through and about being.

Extending from the award‐winning audio-visual work, Nascent, Spine manipulates raw footage of improvised and choreographed performance by the Australian Dance Theatre. Compositional techniques applied in the editing stage result in a powerful and compelling hybrid of visual art, experimental media, technology and dance.


Images of dancer's bodies combine and mutate, creating a hypnotic, intricate visual landscape. The imagery evolves from complex masses of cell-like structures, to graceful friezes of bodies whose movement is distorted in time. Eventually, the intertwined bodies resemble a new life form, observed like a biological sample in flux, multiplying, mutating.


The work premiered in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, during March 06, as a twelve‐metre high projection onto the Civic Centre building in the town centre, as part of the AV Festival ‘06. It has been shown internationally on large scale external projections including at the Brisbane International Festival, Perth International Festival.

Collaborators & Contributors 


Produced by Forma

Commissioned by AV Festival 06

Supported by Arts Council England

Laneways ‘06 presentation of Spine [1.2] with the support of the City of Melbourne

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