Today at Heirloom @ FACT

The bioreactors are now so dense with cells that the faces are invisible.

We switched the stirrers down a tad to allow the cells to start settling on the forms and we switched up the temperature slightly to optimise cell growth for the remaining three weeks.

We will be draining and lifting the cell formation from the tanks either on the 4th or 5th February.

John and I will be there and will answer any questions

Meanwhile I'm preparing a predominantly video documentation and object version for show going to Taiwan, whilst the Heirloom version you see at FACT goes onto Birmingham Open Media (BOM) for exhibition mid February onwards.

Im in with Radames/ FACTLAB on Tuesday next week getting the rest of the 3D scanned faces printed. So all of you who have been scanned should be able to see your portrait printed up and in the exhibition by the end of Jan.

You can keep the 3D print of your own face if you like after the show. but for a small charge to cover costs. - (they make great keyrings!) All people scanned the data remains with Heirloom and this allows us to use this data for future Heirloom Work.

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