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We need this now more than ever before

One cremation of a ‘traditional’ coffin produces the same NOx emissions as one standard car travelling 2,280 miles.

One small city like Liverpool cremates around 4300 people a year,

which is equivalent to 9,804,000 car miles.

Globally there are 35 million coffins sold every year

Around 98 percent of coffins used in cremation are still made from veneered particle board, MDF and some cardboards that require trees to make the wood pulp and glues to bind this together that produce CO2 and Nitrous Oxide (NOx).

Funeral costs have risen over 75% in the last 10 years. As funeral poverty increases the Victorian values, outdated materials and processes still dominate.

We now need a coffin that’s more personal, meaningful and affordable

Designed to help to stop dying costing the earth.

Koffin has been tested and endorsed for its environmental benefits,  its functionality and practicality. 



KOFFIN is made from a purpose designed, 100% natural lignin-based material & biodegrades like natural wood with no more CO2 content when burnt or buried than living plants.

KOFFIN is designed to be the most affordable eco-friendly coffin on the market.

KOFFIN weighs only 13.5 Kg for an adult standard Koffin, making this the lightest coffin.

KOFFIN has no holes or joins so is leak-proof.

KOFFIN is stackable within itself so is more efficient in storage and transport.

KOFFIN dissolves back to liquid wood, making it the ideal solution for water cremations.

KOFFIN has then exclusive use of this material for the manufacture of coffins. The material has won awards for sustainability from source to future generations.

KOFFIN a new invitation to fully personalise and make something meaningful.


Our material is purpose-designed. It is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. The decomposition rate of this material is similar to naturally grown tree wood when buried and the amount of CO2 pollutant emitted is no more than by plants when growing.

This material requires far less energy to burn than wood or MDF and produces minimal ash residue.

The material holds the Green Brands Seal supervised by the Scientific Sustainability Institute who test the environmental impact along the entire production and product life-cycle Including labour, transportation and environmental impact at every stage from raw material to end product and future generations.


Koffins are compliant with all regulations and sizes for burial or cremation and fit all standard furnaces and hearse.

KOFFIN is endorsed by Springwood Crematorium, Liverpool City Council in their aim to

improve air quality by reducing NOx emissions from cremation and supporting products that do not use nitrogen based resins and binders

Koffin is disruptive innovation. It is as much about the appreciation of how design matters as it is about a desire for authenticity, connection and meaning. Where products come from, what they are made of and by whom, are becoming growing concerns as this directly relates to issues such as human rights, modern slavery and environmental degradation.

The environment will benefit from this solution; therefore we all benefit from this solution.

Over 500,000 people die a year in England alone. There are many alternative coffins becoming available in seagrass, wool, bamboo and even mushroom fungus. Woven coffins, like bamboo and wicker can be more environmentally kind than wooden or particleboard coffins WHEN they using native materials, WHEN they don’t require international transport and WHEN they employ local labour. But… woven coffins are essentially baskets that require leak-proof linings often disguised as satin sheets.


Koffin prices are aimed to sell for £250+VAT, excluding delivery, to distributors with a RRP of £400 and £300 for customers buying direct from us when using our design and decoration service which employs local artists, designers and craftspeople. Koffin has been designed to be affordable

Currently an MDF coffin with printed images retails at £599.

Carboard coffins can from £99 to £500.

Standard traditional wood veneered coffins from £325 - £2000

Woven coffins start cheap – but check the quality.

Bespoke 3D coffins…(like a car or rocket) can set you back £3-8,000


We have developed the full scale prototype, test, certification and promotion of the KOFFINS through a

National exhibition and press. We have interest from coffin suppliers and funeral directors internationally. We know there is the demand and the need for this product.


We need a minimum of 150k to make the permanent tooling, to start manufacture and have sufficient stock to ensure prompt next day delivery. We intend to sell primarily to trade and sell direct only when employed to decorate koffin. This is for the standard adult size Koffin. We would like to be able to offer 5 sizes. We have interested from international resellers and customers for Koffin and have developed related products.

100% Shares are currently owned by Founding Director, Gina Czarnecki. We are offering 25% equity in Koffin for £150k.

Please contact If you have any further questions and are interested in being part of this.

Gina Czarnecki Artist/Inventor

Founding Director. The Koffin Company Ltd

Chris Williamson, Tax Accountant and CFO The Koffin Company Ltd.


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