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I TOO in Madrid 'October Moon'

'I TOO' IS in Madrid this weekend PROJECTED ONTO THE PRADO MUSEUM in October MOON, THE Cultural program of the Madrid City Council.

A great celebration of light, images, music and creativity; a cultural, artistic and sensorial celebration; a reason to spend an autumn night outdoors, walking, enjoying and rediscovering with new eyes one of the most beautiful and laden areas of history of our city: all that is this October Moon, but it is also much more.

And is that Luna de Octubre is a tribute to more than three hundred years of history that the Paseo del Prado and the Gardens of El Buen Retiro are dedicated to culture, science, leisure and enjoyment of citizens, shaping a cultural landscape exceptional that still exists today and that the city of Madrid wants to put in value to UNESCO as part of World Heritage.

A walk that was the scene of enlightened urbanism, which would be offered to the town as a place of wooded amusement, architectures and a route of monumental fountains, which inspired many cities of the American viceroyalties, and today is in the heart of the city. The union between today and the past, as a dynamic cultural space, a life-filled story that will also be light.

The program presented for the night of October 21 invites the public to travel through this space with the spirit that prompted their creation: leisure and culture that for the first time transcended the courteous and palatial environments to open to the citizens, a began in the Golden Age and found its maximum exponent in the monarch Carlos III.

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